At Gregory & Gregory, the practice of law is a profession … not a business. There are some things we will provide to you and some things we will not.

What we will give you

  • We will give you relentless integrity in all our dealings with everyone. Period.
  • We will give you exceptionally cogent legal analysis.
  • We will give you flexible thinking and creative approaches. If your best interest requires us to be aggressive, we will be as aggressive as our professionalism allows. However, if your situation requires diplomacy and cooperation, then we will deliver that in spades.
  • We will give you the insight that the solution to your problem may involve little or no litigation.
  • We will give you an analysis of your problem that includes the interests, motives, and personalities of all opposing parties and their lawyers because in order to achieve the best solution to a problem, it is vital to understand all of the dynamics that underlie it.
  • We will give you advice and counseling that is sensitive to the stress you will feel that accompanies litigation.
  • We will recommend mediation whenever we feel it will advance your interests; however we often find we can settle cases successfully without having to hire a mediator.
  • We will give you genuine compassion and caring for your situation.
  • We will give you continual reexamination of your problem to spot opportunities for settlement or other alternate resolutions, such as mediation.
  • We will give you continual reexamination of the work we are doing to ensure that we are giving you good value for the fees we charge.
  • We will give you bills for professional services only. We won’t charge you for secretarial/paralegal time, simply printing letters, file opening, administration fees, etc.
  • We will give you our best work, every day.
  • We will give you outstanding professionalism in our dealings with your opponents. That includes agreeing to reasonable requests from our opponents, which do not prejudice you or the interests of justice.

What we won’t do

  • We refuse to be less than forthright with anyone. Ever.
  • We refuse to be uncivil.
  • We refuse to waste time and your money on disputes (including interlocutory ones) that can be avoided.
  • We refuse to take steps in litigation solely for the purpose of running up costs for the other side (and you).
  • We refuse to be needlessly combative with opposing lawyers and litigants.
  • We refuse to take advantage of or act without fair warning to other lawyers respecting their slips, irregularities, or mistakes that don’t go to the merits or don’t involve the sacrifice of your rights